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Mini Blog Tour: Long Haul by Michael P. Thomas

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Title: Long Haul
Author: Michael P. Thomas
Series: The Mile High Club, book two
Genre: Gay Romance, Contemporary
Length: Novella (62 pages)
Publisher: JMS Books

Flight attendant Tanner Bradac and his occasional make-out buddy Clark Arnold find themselves on a layover in San Francisco on the day the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage. Tanner is as happy about the ruling as any of his Facebook friends rainbowing up their profile pictures, it just doesn’t affect him personally—he doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Color him surprised, then, when he and Clark get caught up in the celebratory spirit of the day and return home as lawfully wedded husbands.
The wedding may have been a last-minute light-hearted lark, but Tanner and Clark are willing to give marriage a go. Tanner loves Clark—at least, he really wants to love Clark—and he figures the rest should just fall into place. How hard can being married to a guy you barely know really be?
Long Haul by Michael P Thomas

Short Blurb: On the day the Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage, Tanner Bradac doesn’t even have a boyfriend, so you can imagine his surprise when he and his buddy Clark get carried away by the celebratory spirit of the day and wind up lawfully wedded husbands. The wedding may have been a light-hearted lark, but Tanner and Clark are willing to give marriage a go. After all, how hard can it be?

“Where do y’all live?” Cecilia asked once they were settled in the shade of a huge tree and had toasted Endless Love.


“Serious? So what, you’re in town for Pride?”

“No,” Clark said. “We’re flight attendants. We’re on a layover. We were actually supposed to be working today, but San Fran-Denver canceled.”

“So you got married instead?”

“You think you’re surprised,” Tanner said with a grin.

“I think that’s adorable,” Tess said. “How long have you guys been together?”

Tanner smiled at Clark, then pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time. “What’s it been, babe? An hour and a half?”

“Already?” Clark said. “Time does fly.”

Cecilia made a show of setting her glass down with a thunk. “Wait. You guys aren’t a couple?”

“Well, we are now.”

“We’re friends,” Clark hastened to add. “And you know, we’ve fooled around.” He reached for Tanner’s hand. “I’ve been wanting to be a couple.”

Tanner smiled. “A little bit I have, too.”

“Really?” Clark asked, visibly pleased by this revelation, as if Tanner hadn’t just legally hitched his wagon to Clark’s star like an hour ago.


Both girls were gobsmacked, but Tess soon said, “Well, you got that wish.”

Cecilia pursued the theme. “But you weren’t, like, boyfriends or anything?”

The hand-holding husbands shook their heads. Nope.

“Hadn’t even talked about it?”


“And you married each other because…?”

“Well, you guys seemed to think it was a good idea,” Tanner said with a smile.

Book Review
This was the perfect book for a Friday afternoon curled up on my couch with my cat. Sweet, light hearted, and fun while kicking off the celebratory feel of what it was like to hear the news of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality. The hilarity of the rash decision had a very realistic and compelling feel to it, Cecilia and her rings were awesome, as was the judge, they gave the moment a feeling of uniqueness, while also bringing out how totally unprepared Tanner and Clark were for this moment. They are absolutely adorable in their awkwardness during the ceremony and at lunch afterward and super hot when they were bouncing each other off walls trying to find their door. I found it fun to watch them realize how little they knew about one another and how little they had thought things through, like with their living situation and not knowing that one hated sushi while the other Indian food. It all played out so naturally while they were with friends or socializing, it was clear that it wasn’t something that they just thought about when they were alone together. I almost did a spit take when they looked down to see that the landlord had set the steps on fire in an effort to get rid of the ant problem. The image that was painted of the frazzled older man just trying to make the problem go away was pretty comical. I loved the light hearted feeling of the story that flows through each of the scenes. The reality of Boise and never having discussed what each of them wanted in their lives and in their future really drove home the seriousness of the predicament they had gotten themselves into marrying on a whim. This was a great balance to the softer, lighter moments of earlier in the story. For a short read this one really packed a lot of emotion. It’s certainly a story I would read time and time again.

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First Flight Out CoverJesse Cisneros and his best buddy Tanner fly for Mile High Airlines, which is every bit as classy as it sounds. When Dr. Willis rings his call light on a flight from New York to Denver, Jesse is so taken with the good doctor’s looks and charm, he forgets all about the inflight medical crisis that prompted him to call for a flight attendant in the first place. Willis is handsome. Willis is helpful. And wouldn’t you know it? Willis is someone else’s husband.
Jesse can hardly believe his luck when their paths cross again on the patio of a popular gay bar. It’s been nine months, and Willis has been busy: now he’s single, he’s out, and he’s very interested in getting to know Jesse better. It all seems too good to be true! And you know what they say about that …

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About the author
Michael P. Thomas is a flight attendant whose writing is continually inspired by his work with the flying public, who flatly refuse to be boring. The author of three novel-length gay romances and a number of romantic and erotic shorts, he writes gay fiction because when he was coming out he sure was glad to have it to read. After misspending his youth in San Francisco, he now lives in his native Colorado with his husband.

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