Monday, August 1, 2016

Bonus Content to Newsletter

So, being uncertain as to if the following content would get me in trouble being sent as part of my newsletter through Wix, I decided to post the truly steamy excerpt here. From Racing the Sky, currently in edits:

Here is an exclusive sneak peek at the newest and final scene to be added to the story. It’s certainly a steamy one.

“Someone’s got their mind in the gutter tonight, don’t they?” Gray teased.
“It’s your fault.”
“Is it, well, then I guess I will have to sit over here and behave and not tell you how bad I wish you were here right now. I would pull you down to straddle me in this chair and let you ride me until you were begging me to fuck you through the bed.”
“God, that’s not fair,” Nicky moaned.
“You should touch yourself for me, Nicky, let me hear you get yourself off.”
Nicky whined low, his hand moving before his brain could think, all he wanted was to loosen the tightly constricting fabric of his jeans and find some friction. He heard Gray moan into the phone and wondered what he was doing, tried to picture the older man getting off in his chair.
“Are you touching that gorgeous cock of yours, Nicky? Are you stroking it wishing I was stroking you, sucking you?”
“Yesssssss,” Nicky breathed out, stroking himself a little faster and wishing it was Gray’s hand, Gray’s body pinning him down, sliding into him.
“Good, that’s so good Nicky,” Gray praised. “I love that you’re so vocal, all those little sounds of yours just make my cock harder.”
“Are you stroking yourself too?”
“You better believe I am,” Gray groaned, and the sound of it made Nicky shiver.
“You don’t know how much I wish you were here right now,” Gray continued. “I’d bend you over the table and mark you up good.”
“Mark me?” Nicky moaned, stroking his dick a little faster. “How?”
“With my teeth,” Gray growled. “And my tongue. And my handprints on your ass while you squirmed for me. Do you think you’d like that Nicky?”
“Fuuuuuuck yeah.”
Gray chuckled, his voice sounding wrecked through the phone and Nicky felt a surge of pride, knowing he’s been the one to cause it.
“I think I’d enjoy seeing you spread out across my table, you’re tight hole just begging to be fucked,” Gray said.
That only served to excite Nicky more and he mewed into the phone, moaning “I want to blow you.”
“Christ, Nicky, having you on your knees with my cock in your mouth and my hands buried in your hair would be the end of me.”
“Good, I wanna make you feel good,” Nicky replied eagerly.

Gray chuckled, and Nicky found himself groaning at the sound. “And I wanna make you scream,”

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