Friday, February 10, 2017

Flash Fiction featuring Sionn and Dare from Desolation Angel

Sometimes, when the music took over and he could hear the rumbling of Sionn’s voice in his ear, trying to get him to come back, he longed to ignore it, wanting to give his full attention to the songs that were rolling through his head.

It wasn’t often, just moments when he wished the real world would blank out and go away. It was too much sometimes. The scrutiny, the questions, the invasiveness of the magazine interviews and the DJ’s on the radio. As Desolation Angel had gotten more and more air time, more and more people had wanted a piece of him. Wanted to know how he made his music, his thought process, his creative muse, and he’d fucked up and been honest, opening a shit storm of questions about his zones and the way his focus seemed to narrow down to tunnel vision.

All he’d ever wanted was just to play and get lost in the fans singing his lyrics back to him. Why did everyone else have to get in the way?

Warm fingers skimmed through his hair, tugging lightly as nails gently raked his scalp and prickled the back of his neck, making him shiver. The music faded out as Sionn’s voice grew louder for a moment, then dimmed again, allowing the music another chance to take over.

At some point it faded though, the tail of the song trailing, leaving him longing to chase after it, snatch it and drag it back. It was safe there, wrapped in the notes, carried away by melody. Realization dawned slowly, as he blinked and sighed and found himself cradled in a strong pair of arms. Sionn was humming, and Dare froze because holy shit, Sionn was humming the song that had just been rolling through his head and how was that even possible?

He wiggled, turning in the embrace when Sionn loosened the hold. Pressing his cheek to Sionn’s chest he listened to the other man’s heartbeat as his thoughts reset themselves.

“Are ya okay now?” Sionn asked and Dare sighed contently at the rolling brogue that accompanied his voice.

“Yeah but…the song, how do you know it?”

“Ye’ve only been hummin’ it for the past hour.”


“I was nay sure if ye would come back ta me this time or not.”


“Are ye nervous about tonight?”

“The show, no, I love being up on the stage, I’m looking forward to the stars and a sea of lighters. I just hate the after show shit, I don’t want to go to the party or do an interview. I just want to shower and go walk by the ocean with you. Why can’t we just do that?”

Sionn hugged him tight and rested his head on the top of Dare’s head, and for a moment, Dare was certain he was going to apologize as he always did and insist they had to do what the company asked of them, and he understood that, he did, he knew how lucky they were to have gotten a contract and how much it had meant to everyone. It was just that sometimes, being the lead singer meant too many things fell on him that he’d never wanted.

“Let’s do that then,” Sionn replied, fingertips brushing down Dare’s back.

He sucked in a breath, scarcely able to believe what he’d heard. “Really?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to go to the party either, I had seeing people try and drape themselves all over you and it sucks that I can’t peel their fingers off your clothes when they get grabby. No one should be touching you 
but me.”

The possessiveness in Sionn’s voice made Dare shiver and snuggled against him, breathing in the woodsy scent of his body wash.

“Go skinny dipping with me tonight?” Dare whispered.

“Och, hell yeah.”

Laughing, Dare gave him a squeeze, remembering now why he always responded to the voice when the music got loud and why he never followed it into the abyss when it was tempting. He had Sionn and that meant more than any song. Together, they could chase the rest of the world away. 

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