Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Teaser Tuesday, a taste of Gypsy's Rogue

Teaser Tuesday
Unedited From Gypsy's Rogue

“I’m right here.”
It came out slurred, and Gypsy frowned, trying to figure out the actual question.
“Why am I here?” Gypsy repeated, leaving their hands where they were when they felt him nuzzling against them, his eyes drifting half closed once again.
“Wh-why can’t you see me without seeing him?”
Awe damn.
“It’s…complicated and you probably won’t remember if I try to explain.”
“But…I like you. Always liked you. Why do you hate me?”
Oh god, tears pricked their eyes and made them burn, their vison swam and they wrapped their arms around him and hugged him close, trying to convey that they cared. Stroking their hair, they grimaced at how sweaty it was, wishing they could clean it for him.
“I don’t hate you. I never have, I promise. It’s just really complicated and I’m so sorry I made you feel that way.”
“Wanted to come with you,” he muttered, weight pressing heavier on their shoulder. He was so warm. They’d bought ice in town, in case they needed ice backs and from the feel of him they did, if he’d just let go so they could go down and make them.
“When you left, I wanted to go too, was scared you wouldn’t want me to. Hated being alone. Thought maybe…maybe…but I can’t stay. You still don’t see me.”
“I do.” They replied, continuing to stroke his hair while trying to ease him back down on the bed. “And I promise, we’ll talk just as soon as you’re better, but right now, I need you to let go. I need to bring ice up. You’re fevers gone up again and if we can’t get it down I have to figure out how to get you downstairs and in the truck.”
“no hospitals.”
His words were slurred, and the very idea had him clinging tighter to them, making them wonder what they’d done to him in order to get him admitted the first time.
“If you don’t want to go to the hospital, then you have to let me go so I can get ice, I promise, I’ll be right back and I’ll stay with you okay. Do you think you can drink some of the gingerale I brought?”
“don’t want nothin’ but you,” he muttered, but he let go, which is what they needed him to do.
Hurrying downstairs, they quickly made icepacks, and grabbed a ginerale just in case. He needed to drink so he didn’t end up dehydrated, and while he’d eaten the soup, that had been hours ago. They stuffed the box of medication they’d purchased him in their pocket, hoping they could get him to swallow a few pills, and headed upstairs, carrying the ice packs in a cloth bag.
He’d gotten twisted up in the clovers again, one tangled around his leg, two or three wrapped around his middle, arms and legs starfished out with his head turned towards the door, eye thin slits that widened as they stepped back into the room.
“you came back.”

He said it like he hadn’t believed they would and they knew it was likely the fever talking, but with the way things had been going between them, they couldn’t be sure. They hopped he’d know that they would protect and care for him the same as they knew he would do for them, but he was clearly uncertain, and thinking back to how he’d ducked away when they were in bed together and again last night, they weren’t so sure he was clear on that. They just needed to get him well again. Then they could start making things right.

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