Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Workshop #3

I'm back with another Wednesday Workshop! I'm hoping to make this a weekly post, barring anymore unforeseen misadventures.

This writing exercise is from an erotic writing workshop I've been working my way through. The exercise for the week was a dialogue exercise, where the characters had to get one another revved up from a distance.

“This was a stupid idea, next time I’m coming with you,” Talon grumbled.
Flint could tell he was pacing, likely on the porch if the creek of wood was any indication. He kept meaning to fix the loose boards and Talon kept finding ways to distract him every time he headed out there with the hammer and jar of nails.
“I never pictured you as the bored housewife waiting for me to come home.”
Snorting, Talon grumbled into the phone. “Think you’re funny huh, when you get back here we should see just how funny you are draped over my knee with my hand warming your ass.”
Flint whined, then glared at the trio of women who looked over at him and openly stared.
“Fuck, don’t say shit like that when I’m out in public,”
Talon’s chuckle, deep, low and rumbling made him shiver, and he had to take a deep breath and let it out slow.
“maybe you’ll be more careful with your comments next time.”
“You don’t play fair.”
“Never said I did.”
That chuckle again, it was making Flint’s inside’s melt. Pressing the phone to his ear, he unscrewed the cap on his soda and took a long, slow drink, hoping it would cool him off.
“Were you able to get the radio equiptment yet?”
“Yeah, but I have to wait until Friday to take the class and get certified.”
Flint grinned at the positively frustrated and annoyed tone that rumbled through the phone.
“Maybe you could fix those loose boards while I’m gone, and chop some more firewood, then go stand over the falls and let all that cold water cool you off least you go up in flames waiting for me to get home and suck you ‘til you beg to fuck me raw.”
The only response was a choking sound, followed by loud, forceful coughing, and Flint had to laugh at the way Talon sputtered and wheezed.
“Son of a bitch, you keep it up and I’m going to need a new phone at this rate. The fuck’s wrong with you. I’m hard as fuck over here now thanks to you.”
“Consider it payback,” Flint chuckled. “how do you think I feel right now trying to talk down the fuckin’ street with my cock swollen against my zipper. Shit hurts man.”
“Too bad you’re not back at the hotel, so I could tell you exactly what you should do with that, and that fat orange toy I know you took with you.”
“What?” Flint squeeked. “How….”
“I went looking for it last night and found it gone.”
“Yeah, and what were you gonna do with it?”
“Pretend it was you.”
“Shit…” Flint groaned, walking smack into a light post. It was so unexpected his phone fell, clattering on the ground. Flint shook his head and reached for the phone, brushing some grit away, grateful it hadn’t cracked. All he could hear coming through it was laughter when he placed it back to his ear.
“You suck,” he grumbled.
“Anything for you, babe.”
“Uggg, I’m ending this call now, Talon, before I walk into a bus or something.”
“Yeah, okay, but call me tonight if you can. Its way too quiet up here. I didn’t think it would be so bad.”
“Call me if you need to, doesn’t matter what time, okay. I’ll be on the road as soon as the class is over.”
“Good. Miss you.”
“Miss you too.”
“Bye Tal.”
Hanging up, Flint shoved the phone back in his pocket and finished his drink. It wasn’t easy being apart, especially at night when the endless sounds of the city made it next to impossible to sleep. He missed the silence, he missed Talon, and he missed the hot, burning exploration of one another that had gradually come to consume a good chunk of each day. His phone beeped, and he frowned as he pulled it out again. One missed call, now who…

Chase’s name and number popped up and Flint froze. Now that was certainly unexpected. 

It's also my pleasure today to reveal the cover to my upcoming novel, Racing the Sky, set to be released on Friday June 23rd. 

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