Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Flash: In the span of a Traffic Light

I've been dying to revitalize my blog after several months of inactivity, and I thought, what better way to jump back into the swing of things by bringing back the Friday Flash. This weeks was inspired by the writing group I attended last night. One of the assignments given was to write about a missed connection, a moment when eyes met, but there was no opportunity for interaction. As soon as it was read, the following scene burst into my mind, so without further ado, here is the missed connection I envisioned. Who knows, there may even be a follow up for them in the future.

In the Span of a Traffic Light

I saw you at the corner of 8th and vine. You were barefoot and dancing, wearing a flower and singing “Lips of an Angel.” You’re long, silken curls shimmered a warm chestnut in the waning Autumn sun. I wanted to hear you better, so I ignored the light, stared, listened as you through you head back to hit the high note. Your eyes were electric blue when you opened them again, so stunning I could hardly breathe when you locked on mine. You smiled, hips swaying as you moved to a beat only you could hear. I’ll never be able to listen to that song again without thinking of you.

You twirled and I saw butterfly wings tattooed across your shoulders, the pattern flowing down the backs of your arms and I could almost picture you flying, flitting from flower to flower though none could ever be as beautiful as you.

Someone honked, shattering the moment, and I froze, torn between moving and staying put, even as they honked again.

“Honey why you callin’ me, so late?” you sang, in a voice so sweet it was almost mocking. I’d love to call you.

“Can I have your number?” My words drowned out by the honking horn. I turned, started to wave them past, when I saw the cop car turning towards us. Last thing I needed was him putting his flashers on. With regret, I took my foot off the break as the final notes of your song faded away.

You licked twilight purple lips as I drove past, launched into another song, a few notes trailing after me like a haunting requiem.

“How I wish, how wish you were here….”

Yeah baby, I wish I was too, I thought, as I drove away.

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