Friday, January 8, 2016

Freebie Friday: ...And All Shall Fade To Black (Jan 8 edition)

Jax groaned and shifted a little closer to the warm presence at his side. His headache had faded to a dull pressure at the back of his neck, way better than the explosive riot of pain he’d spent the day before experiencing.

Not waking up alone was a bonus. He hadn’t expected Danny to stick around, let alone rub his head until he’d passed out, but he had, and better still, he was still sprawled on the bed beside him. The lavender oil had been nice too, he was going to have to start keeping that around. Maybe after coffee, lots of coffee, Danny would tell him where he’d gotten it from.

For now, his bladder was insisting that he get up and relieve it, which sucked, because he really didn’t want to move. It had been a long time since he’d woken up beside anyone. Typically, he just fucked and headed home, unwilling to face the awkwardness of conversation, or worse, a walk of shame in the morning.


Figured that the one time he’d be more than happy to just go back to sleep he needed to move. With a sigh he rolled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom, took care of what he needed to, washed his hands and crawled back into bed, snaking one arm around Danny and hauling him closer. With a groan of contentment, Jax pressed his face to the back of Danny’s neck and cuddled, the scent of Danny’s shampoo reminding him of wildflowers.

When he woke next, sunlight streamed brightly into the room, nothing like the weak slivers of the early morning. He heard Danny swear, then shove at his arm, so reluctantly, Jax let go of him.

“Sorry for hogging half your bed,” Danny muttered before rushing off to the bathroom. Jax just rolled over and threw an arm over his eyes.

“The least you can do is let me make you breakfast,” Jax said when he heard Danny emerge. “Unless you’re late to work or something.”

“Nope, not late, I don’t have to be at the theater until three, but it’s past breakfast,” Danny pointed out.

Jax cracked one eye open and moved his hand, trying to make out the numbers of the clock halfway across the room. “Damn, brunch then?”

“Yeah, sure, but you know you’ve actually gotta move if you plan on cooking something, and you don’t look like you’re in an hurry to move anytime soon.”

“My head doesn’t hurt anymore and the bed was comfortable,” Jax muttered as he stretched. “Where do you get Lavender Oil anyway?”

“There’s a tea and herb shop on Hamilton, I’ll show you sometime if you’d like.”

“I’d like, very much so, between that and your magic fingers, it really cut the pain.”

“I’m glad I could help.”

“So am I, I was ready to just lay on the floor and die.”

“A bit dramatic, don’t you think?”

Jax snorted and glanced up at Danny. “Dude, for a few minutes there I was entertaining thoughts of grabbing a piercing needle and shoving it through my eye. I just wanted it to end.”

Danny cringed at that and made a face at Jax.

“Dramatic and drastic, but seriously, have you seen a doctor about the headaches?”

“Uggggg,” Jax stuck out his tongue, his nose wrinkling. “I hate doctors, but yeah, I’ve gone to a few. Gotten meds and shots a couple times, nothing really helps but a dark room and sleep though, which sucks, I hate letting my sister down.”

“I’m sure she’d rather you home and feeling better, than trying to pierce customers and deciding you’d rather just stab yourself instead.”

“True. But still.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it up to her.”

“Any you.”

“Thought you were making it up to me with brunch.”

“Naw, I’m saying ‘thank you’ with brunch,” Jax said with a grin as he slowly sat up. “I’ll make it up to you on our next date.”
“Oh yeah?” Danny said, a smile brightening his face.

Jax found himself wishing they’d progressed to the kissing phase of their relationship already, because he really wanted to kiss Danny again. Hell if it wasn’t for his grumbling stomach he’d have been more than happy to spend the rest of the afternoon sprawled on the bed, kissing Danny with the occasional cat nap in between.

Jax’s stomach growled again, loudly, prompting Jax to finally move.

“You like French toast?”

“Love it,” Danny said.

“Perfect, because it’s one of the few breakfast foods I know how to make.”

Laughing, the pair headed for the kitchen, Jax making them both a stack of French toast and even breaking out the whipped cream and blackberries to put on top of it.

“Whipped cream?” Danny asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I hate syrup, don’t have any in the house, so it’s whipped cream or nothing, sorry,” Jax said with a shrug.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Danny replied, just shocked is all to see you actually have something around that’s sticky and sweet.

“No worries, it’s fat free,”  Jax said as he set the can on the table.

Danny just chuckled and sprayed some on his food, then watched as Jax did the same.

“So,” Jax said, after they’d dug in. “Do you have rehearsals today?”


“Can I watch?”

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