Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rainbow Snippet Feb. 27th

It's finally here, the cover for Desolation Angel, only one more week before its release date, so here is the final snippet before then. Thank you so much who have commented on the snippets each week. Here is the pre-order link:

Sionn was startled for a second when he felt something soft brush across his lips, until he realized it was Dare, kissing him lightly before taking the scarf away. Sionn’s eyes widened when he saw where they were. The big domed roof, the telescopes, the star maps and detailed charts, graphs, and images—it was almost too much for Sionn to take in at once.
“Dare, I wouldn’t have guessed you’d remember.”
“Of course I remember. I used to love listening to you talk about how the constellations got their names.”
“You always did love my stories.”
“I still do. And I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our first date than staring at the stars with you.”


  1. Oh great snippet. And I love that last line.

  2. Oh, what a sweet snippet. I love the gentleness of it and the love and... It's awesome!

  3. Such a sweet last line. Reminds me of the quote about being in the gutter but staring at the stars.

  4. Lovely^^ What a sweetly romantic snippet :)

  5. People who truly listen should be cherished. I love this!

  6. What a sweet thing to do! Very romantic. :)