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Blog Tour: Deep by A.L. Bates

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Title: Deep
Author: A.L. Bates
Genre: Science Fiction, Gay Romance, Gay SciFi
Length: Long Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Fleeing from a troubled past that left him feeling tarnished and used, Sean finds work as a medic aboard the deep sea mining ship Ariel, on a distant planet.

Under the leader ship of the infuriating, yet charismatic, Captain Joel Riley, Sean settles into his simple, but dangerous, new life. It’s a life he soon comes to love; albeit one in which he conceals his sexuality and avoids intimacy.

But Sean’s new world is turned on its head when an old face threatens to expose him for the man he used to be.

With Joel’s help, will Sean learn to come to terms with his past and become a man he can be proud of?

Deep AL Bates


The intimate gesture caught Sean by surprise. He expected the captain to sit in stoic silence, not comfort him like this. “I’m not proud of what I did,” Sean said, trying to remind the captain of the type of things he’d done, in case he didn’t understand.

“Don’t be. Be proud of the man you are instead. I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

Joel’s wide brown eyes were staring at him without malice or disgust, or anything other than genuine affection. Sean couldn’t help himself. He leaned forward, his lips brushing Joel’s. When he met with no resistance, he deepened the kiss. Joel’s mouth opened. Sean groaned as the captain pulled him closer. He was breathless when Joel moved away.

“I’m sorry,” Sean said, suddenly self-conscious. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I guess I didn’t exactly push you away.” Joel ran a hand through his hair—his tell for being nervous.

“At least now you can say you’ve tried.”

Joel let out an awkward laugh. “I suppose I can at that.”

Sean lowered his eyes. “Was it awful?”

Joel sighed, as though he was slowly surrendering. “No, it wasn’t awful at all.”

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About the author

A.L. BATES has a keen interest in Sci-fi and adventure novels and enjoys writing stories with strong characters in imaginative backgrounds. Although an avid writer, Deep is the first published novella by A.L. Bates.

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