Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teaser Tuesday May 9 (warning, this teaser contains steamy bits)

This weeks Teaser Tuesday takes place on a farm. It's from Gypsy's Rogue, one of my current WIPs. Set in Wisconsin, on the farm Gypsy has inherited now that their father has passed, Gypsy's Rogue features Gypsy McKay, who identifies as gender fluid and uses them/they pronouns rather than go back and forth, and Rogue, their ex husband's younger brother who's always had more than just a little crush on them. In helping repair the farm they're building more than barns and chicken coops, they are forging bonds between them, ones that Rogue's family desperately hopes to break.

Warning....there's some steam to this teaser.

“That was the last cabinet anyway. The wood underneath is beautiful, I can’t believe anyone would have wanted to cover it that way, not to mention the paper and the sticky backing on the liner just attracts bugs. It’ll need to be scrubbed before anything goes in there.”
Gypsy sighed and stared down at him. “Joy, I hate town.”
“Want me to go?”
They sighed and shook their head. “No, we’d better just go together and get it over with. Fuck it’s hot out there though, I don’t want to put on jeans.”
“Then don’t. Who cares, and anyone who does, fuck ‘em.”
“Ewwww,” they laughed, wrinkling their nose but climbing down. He had a point, people were going to talk, regardless so why go out of their way to be uncomfortable when no matter what they did, some nosy busy body would have something to gossip about anyway. Hell, as soon as they got a look at Rogue that was going to be gossip enough on its own.
He stood, brushing the dust from his jeans before he washed his hands and stuck his head under the faucet, letting the water run through his hair and down the back of his neck. Gypsy watched as he gathered the long strands in his hands and rung them out, then let them fall, cool and wet down the center of his back.
“Now that feels good,” he murmured.
Beneath their breath, Gypsy couldn’t help but remark. “You look good.”
He turned, half smiling, a sure sign that he’d heard every word.
“So do your legs, in those shorts,” he replied, voice having grown deeper, more gravely as he stalked across the room towards them and pinned them against the counter with his body. “Looking at your ass shaking while you were scrubbing up there, so many dirty thoughts were running through my head. I wanted to pull you down, explore every inch of you with my mouth, my tongue, my cock.”
He growled the last part in Gypsy’s ears and they gasped, feeling their face get warm and their lower belly flutter with anticipation. They licked their lips, forced themselves to meet the searing intensity of his gaze.
“Why didn’t you?” Gypsy moaned, their voice gone breathy and a little weak.
“You haven’t told me I can yet,” he remarked, leaning closer, ending the sentence by claiming their lips in a rough, passionate kiss that robbed them of what little breath they had left.
“Tonight,” Gypsy gasped, tangling their hands in his hair and tugging his head down until they were nose to nose. “Some of me, all of me, as much as you want, you can have.”
He exhaled, a long, ragged breath, eyes drifting half-closed as his whole body shivered.
“Promise?” he growled, hands gripping Gypsy’s ass and pulling them forward, rubbing the front of them against the swelling in his pants and holy shit, Gypsy gasped, eyes widening.
“Jesus Christ, what do you have in there?”
He chuckled at that, low and filthy, fixing them with a look that was so raw they felt like they were about to go up in flames.
“Guess you’ll find out tonight,” he remarked, stepping back and adjusting himself. Gypsy couldn’t tear their eyes away from the bulge in his pants, torn between saying fuck town, and grabbing the keys because damn, just damn. Gypsy dragged their gaze up to his face and made a show of licking their lips and flicking their tongue out at him.
“Oh really?” Eyes narrowing, he smirked and stroked himself inside his pants, bringing a groan of pleasure from him as he did.
 “Yeah,” Gypsy remarked, flicking their tongue out at him again.
“You gonna put that tongue to good use tonight?”
“Anything you do to me, I’m gonna do to you,” Gypsy shot back, challenging, expecting him to draw some kind of line. Instead, he gasped and jerked his hands from his pants, seeming to fight for control, heat and longing in his eyes, so sharply focused on them that Gyspy wanted to slid to their knees and fuck him on the floor.”
“Promise?” He demanded, hands on the counter, still pinning them in, so close Gypsy could feel him shaking.
Gypsy went up on tiptoe, nuzzling the side of his neck.
“Yes,” they murmured against his skin, punctuating each word with a flick of their tongue along the hot, smooth skin at the side of his neck. “Anything, everything, all.”
“Fuck, yeah, gonna wreck you,” he groaned, pressing in tighter, thrusting gently against them, grinding their bodies together until Gypsy was grasping and clinging to him. Gypsy’s hands tugged at the loops of his jeans, pulling him closer, seeking friction and the feel of his hands on their body. Slipping their hands down the back of his jeans, they ranked their nails lightly the globes of his ass until he growled and shuddered, gripping tight and panting loudly.
“We either fuck now, or we go,” he groaned.
“I don’t want to fuck you,” Gypsy told him, gripping him tight when he tried to pull away. They could practically feel the confusion radiating off him and they rushed to finish their statement. “I want to make love to you, slowly, learn every inch of you, brand myself on you and feel you burning against me. I want to take you apart and wreck you and hold you as you shatter and beg and make a mess of yourself and I want you to do the same to me. I want slow and tender until we’re both wild and out of control. Fucking isn’t going to be enough, not with you.”
“Damn, Gypsy,” he growled, nipping lightly at their ear. “I can work with that.”
“Oh yeah.”
He’d stopped grinding against them, but Gypsy could still feel his heart pounding about as hard as theirs was, and they shivered as he lightly stroked down their back and rubbed circles, like he was trying to calm them both.

“As long as you know, I’m a kinky bastard,” he muttered, and Gypsy giggled and brushed his hair from his face, seeking his gaze. 

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