Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wednesday Workshop 2

Wednesday Workshop #1
***Note: Another new, weekly feature, using some of the prompts and workshop materials I've collected over the year. For this one I decided to use Raine from a WIP I've slowly been developing. Raine is a wolf shifer and an omega, he's even been chosen by an alpha...but happiness is still a long ways away. The prompt for this one was to write your character doing a normal, everyday task. In this case, I choose baking. ***

Wiping down the counter, Raine stole a quick glance at the timer on the stove. Three more minutes, give or take, best to get the cooling racks out and ready so he had someplace for the cupcakes to rest. There was a basket on the table, filled with goodies he intended to bring along with him to the community garden, excited at the prospect of spending the day away from the house.

When the cupcakes were cooled and frosted he placed two on a plate and left them for Gabriel and Aiden to find. He hated that he felt compelled to do so, but Gabe did pay for the groceries and he was allowed to live there, so he supposed he owed them that much. Plus, it was his turn to cook today, so that was just part of him fulfilling his obligations.

Looking around, he felt a pang of envy at the thought of them sitting together with coffee, enjoying the cupcakes as they talked and prepared to start their day. He’d thought that would be him, waking up to mornings with Gage, planning and laughing together, but the stupid alpha had gone and ruined it when he’d taken a second mate.

Raine would have been enough, if given half the chance, but Gabe hadn’t given him even that, and now, he steadfastly refused to send Aiden away.

The ultimatum stung, learn to get along live in harmony and accept Aiden, or be the one outcast. It wasn’t fair, he’d been the one Gabe choose first, and yet, he was the one packing up a picnic basket as the sun came up while Aiden was in bed curled up beside their alpha.

At least he had the garden and the friends he was making there. Gabe’s pack was wonderful, and the woods were a beautiful place to roam. He wanted to be here, he did…he just didn’t want to bend, he didn’t want to accept Aiden, he didn’t want to share his Alpha…

He didn’t want to feel like a third wheel.

Touching the claiming bite on the side of his neck, he felt tears sting his eyes and swim up to cloud his vision. 

He’d only been claimed, not mated proper, not like Aiden, he could ask for the claim to be set aside and hope another Alpha might someday want him, or, he could build his own place, and live out his days among the pack alone, both were solid options. Yet his wolf whined whenever he considered either and his heart felt heavy with the duel sensations of dread and misery. So he stayed, for now, wistful and sad, waiting for his wolf to give up hope so he could move on. 

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