Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review for Rodd Clark's Rubble and the Wreckage

Rubble and the Wreckage was a hard read for me. I went into it excited, thinking serial killer story, someone who hasn’t been caught yet, oh this is really going to be a wild adventure…and it was, but it was a really slow start that had a hard time holding my attention. It kicks off very Anne Rice “Interview with a Vampire” like, but quickly slows down to the point where it becomes bogged by internal monologues and at times, way too much telling.

I felt like Christian came into the situation with descent intentions, though I did feel as if there was some ego involved and that he was planning to break the story for fame, rather than turning Church in and perhaps saving others, so that made him come across as complacent to me.

As for church, he is every bit as cold, dark and ruthless as I imagined he would be, despite the moments of attraction. He was able to connect with Christian, I think because of the fact that he was sharing his story, and thus a hidden part of himself, but I was never convinced that deeper emotions were involved.

As a psychological thriller it was a very intriguing read. The first killing showed both viciousness and determination, and Church’s propensity for killing only grew from there. Each one explains in order, some have reasons, some don’t he’s honest enough to admit that and thankfully, the author never tries to paint him in a sympathetic light.

I think the pairing worked out well, each was able to, at least for a short while, get what they needed from the other. In the end, it became clear, as well that they had both had an effect on the other that had not been planned when they entered into the venture. The writing was intelligent, if a bit wordy, and that wordiness did have an effect on the flow and ease of readability. For that reason, I can only give three dancing hamsters.  

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