Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Review on “A Family Affair” by Tim Yingling. Released Today!

I’d like to wish a happy release day to Tim Yingling, whose novel, A Family Affair, was released today. I was fortunate enough to receive an advance reader’s copy, and I have to say, it reminded me a bit of one of my favorite TV shows, “The Unit.” Mr. Yingling’s military background allows him to weave a story filled with gritty reality and a bunch of intrigue.

What snagged my attention right away were the notes of research scientist James Pederson in regards to a metal he’s found that washed up on the beach. Right away we are made to understand that this metal isn’t on the periodic table and is thus, unknown in the scientific community. This is also the first time we see Eli mentioned, which in turn gives the reader an idea of just how long he’s been involved in this process.

The book then fast forwards to present day and Eli’s son Chase, a police officer, receiving several harassing phone calls in the night. Come morning, when Chase investigates them, he comes across a triple murder that will pull him back to an ill-fated mission him and his special forces group were involved in several years before in Mexico.

Coupled with the personal attacks on his family, and the reveal that both Chase’s military family and the drug cartel are intertwined in several ways, the tension level quickly heats up. Fortunately, Mr. Yingling takes us back in time and shows us what took place during that raid, and the decision that Chase made that night that leads into the events of A Family Affair. There is corruption at several different levels of government, plans within plans, and new revelations about the ‘drug’ at every turn, and all of it goes back to one scientist and his discovery.

While at times I felt as if the story got bogged down in too many details, one thing it was not lacking in was action, secrets, double deals, and retribution. Chase, Eli and the rest of their family show that they not only stick together but they excel as a team, right down to even the smallest members. No one’s place in the family is reduced to a backseat position, which can be very hard to do. If you are a fan of military or police dramas, consider giving A Family Affair a chance. This gets a solid three and a half stars from me. 

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