Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Review of Skye Jones' Claimed by Desire

Oh boy do I love a good shapeshifter story, but that is an understatement, in regards to Claimed by Desire, because this was an amazingly fantastic read.  Dylan’s sorrow over the loss of his mate practically jumped off the page and more than once I wanted to reach through the pages and hug him. Of course, the way he held Aeron at arms length and tried to pretend he didn’t care about him also made me smack him at times, but since he came to his senses, I guess I can let him slide.

I really enjoyed the slow build to the story, how natural Aeron and Dylan began interacting with one another around the farm. Seeing Dylan’s plans for the farm was interesting as was all the hard work he, Rhys and Aeron put into it. I found myself really liking both Luke and Sean though their conversations with Dylan, it was easy to see the bond that had formed between them and how much they wanted him to move on with his life following the death of his mate.

I also loved the idea of an Alpha being able to have more than one life mate, and that the loss of their mate didn’t ruin their wolf. It’s a great way of allowing them to move forward and giving them hope for the future. Dylan inviting Kate to come out to the farm and ride and just how kind he was to her made him very endearing to me.

The relationship growing as the danger grew closer was a great way of balancing tender moments with tension. Kate made a wonderful secondary character and Aeron’s love and care for her told more about his character than any other means of describing him could have done. His reaction to seeing Dylan’s wolf for the first time came across as honest and very natural, despite the fact that it might have hurt Dylan’s feelings at first. The level of realism there was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Dylan and Aeron have to work hard for their relationship. It isn’t just fear and doubts getting in the way but a destructive evil in the form of a bloodthirsty vampire. This book had some amazing twists and turns, including the connection between families that is revealed in the latter half of the book. Aeron’s love for Dylan shines through in the way he fights for the relationship, while Dylan’s love comes pouring out when he is forced to act quick in order to protect Aeron.

I hope there is more to come, it sure seems set up to be, these alpha led packs are pretty awesome and I’d love to see them interact more.

This one is easily four dancing hamsters in my book.

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