Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: Two Princes by Victoria Danann (A Sons of Sanctuary MC Book)

Two brothers, unknown to each other are on a crash trajectory with destiny and two broken hearts. 

Like anyone else, I have a few guilty pleasure, one of them is motorcycle. I love bikes, I miss owning a bike, I have plans to get a bike in the future, but until that day, I read a lot of MC and MC Romance stories and stare out the window, wishing that was me on the beautiful blue and purple lightning bolt airbrushed Harley that just went past. I used to be able to indulge myself in episodes of Sons of Anarchy, glued to the television each week to see each new episode, but...sigh...it ended. (Weeps) That was the only show I never missed one single episode of, and while I can still go back and watch it on DVD, it just isn't the same as knowing there is a new one coming.


When I came across Two Princes I was immediately curious about the brothers and just had to read their story and I'm so glad I did.

This, this was the Motorcycle Club (MC) Book I’ve been waiting for. There was  no glorifying of violence, or drugs, or gun running or any other illegal activity. This book didn’t try to paint MC’s like they were 1%ers or outlaws, in Two Princes (Sons of Sanctuary MC book 1) the emphasis was on the club being a family, on building it as an enterprise, the possibilities that can be created through hard work and brotherhood.

And yes, there was romance too. Two of them actually.

It kicks off with Brant and Garland’s summer fling, two different worlds colliding, the intensity of young romance brought screeching to a halt as summer’s end. 

I won't give away spoilers, but I will say that seeing what happened made me sad for both of them. 

Their ending might have been cliché, however, if not for a set of twins, a love of peanuts and a magazine article.

Add in cultural anthropologist Bridget and her scores of questions about MC life, and a totally different picture of who and what the Sons of Sanctuary is and is all about begins to emerge. 

The only thing I found myself wishing for, was that things had been slowed down a little bit. I wanted more of the twins getting to know one another, more details of their lives, and more questions from Bridget and the answers too, Nam's stories, what little was shared with the reader, were interesting and she never did really get to interview Brant. I felt like it rushed a little towards the end, in particular with some things just kind of summed up. 

Would have loved more of Bridget and Brash really getting to know each other, talk to each other more, do things together too. 

Still, Victoria Danann’s Two Princes, the Biker and the Billionaire has left me eagerly awaiting book two of the Sons of Sanctuary series. 

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