Monday, June 22, 2015

Book Review: With Wings (The Dark Angels #1) by Z Allora

With Wings (The Dark Angels #1) by Z Allora was a wonderful introduction to the band The Dark Angels and the lives they lead. While this story was focused primarily on Angel and Dare, there was enough information given about Dusty, Robin and Josh as to make this reader very curious to read their stories as well.

Both Angel and Dare are very complex characters, for surprisingly similar reasons. For Angel, there is that public persona, the rock god with his nails painted and his eyes lined, who is charismatic and engaging. At first this is the only side to him that is really visible, until the time he spends with Dare in Bali. As he starts to relax, unwind and talk to Dare about things other than just the music they’re working on, a second side, a more private side, of Angel begins to emerge. We see his insecurities, his hopes and dreams for himself, not just the band.

Similarly, in that time halfway around the world from everything he’s ever known, as well as the father who has never supported his love of playing guitar, Dare learns how to be honest with himself, and open about the things he wants and desires.

The trip to Bali proved to not only be a wonderful chance for them to collaborate and prepare some new songs for the band, but also for their friendship to grow and deepen as they learned more about one another.

Watching these two trying to navigate the choppy waters between friendships, emotional connections, and concern over the working relationship of the band really held me captivated, hoping for a good outcome for all of them. It’s easy to appreciate the strange family dynamic of the band and how very much each of them care about one other as well as how much what they’ve created means to them. It isn’t just about a means of making money or even doing something they love, it is a way to be who they are, without anyone or anything getting in the way.

The steamy scenes between Angel and Dare nearly fogged up my computer screen, but what really showed through was the emotions that each was able to bring out of one another. I really felt as if With Wings was a journey of personal growth for both Dare and Angel. Want to know how it all turns out? Go give it a read. You won’t regret it. I rate it 4 dancing hamsters. Why? ‘cause stars are cliché, and these are hamsters. And they DANCE.

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