Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meet the Furbabies

A few days ago on facebook there were several amusing conversations about authors and pets and trying to write when a pet, or two, or more, was demanding your attention. At the time I was attempting to write with my orange tabby cat Thor half on my shoulder and half sprawled on the pillow behind me, alternately rolling, waving and stretching his paws to hit me in the face, tapping his tail on my head to some beat only he could hear, or licking my face and ear, rubbing his face against mine, and purring like a chainsaw. (on a side note he would go on to fall asleep on my arm, which then led it to fall asleep, leaving me attempting to edit one handed while fending off the other cat who got it into her head that human makes good cat bed.)

In light of all that and the wonderful conversation, I thought I would with you the Furry little miscreants I was discussing and a little bit of their stories. My pets are a part of my family, they don't migrate between indoors and outdoors, they are fixed, they live in our home and have since each one was adopted into our family. Like people, they each have their own distinct personalities, some are shy, and thus there are no photos, as shoving a camera in their faces would upset them greatly, but they are no less loved then the hams who's photos you'll see in just a moment.

For now, I'll start with the camera shy.

Sweetie Pie is a gray, orange, and black stripped and spotted tabby. Her orange is mostly on her tummy in spotted rows and her disposition is exactly like her name. she climbs into laps, loves to be petted, and can often be seen in the window, tail thumping as she watches the birds. She is the second best mouser in the house, and the most likely to come cuddling during a storm. She's almost six years old and the sibling/litter mate to Wisdom and Thor who you'll meet below.

Lilyfer is a year and a half old male kitty, he's all black from the tips of his rounded ears to his slightly shortened tail. The reason for these difference is that somehow, someone allowed him, as a tiny kitten to become lost outdoors in February in Iowa. He was found by a friend of my sons, outside of their high school, pressed against a door, trying to find warmth. She couldn't keep him but knew of my sons love of animals and brought him to us, where of course, he stayed. He lost the tips of both ears and his tail to frostbite before he was even two months old. He loves to play, he loves people, and he loves to climb my roomie when she is trying to work. Originally he was named Lily after Lily Munster, he was so small, we did not realize he was a boy until much later, thus Lily became Lilyfer, the little devil.

Special Note: Thanks to my roomie, in whose room Lilyfer resides, we now have a pic of him.

S'more is a brown, white and tan female Lionhead bunny who resides with my daughter in her room. One of two 4H bunnies raised since she was young, S'more has been with us for three years now. She's the shyer of my daughter's two rabbits, but loves to hop around the room or sleep on my daughter's pillows.

Now on to the hams.

I'll start with Smokey. Smokey is a black female half lionhead/half mini lop, two year old bunny who is friendly, outgoing and actually sits up and begs at food time. She sits in my daughters lap to watch tv and even falls asleep beside her. The more outgoing of our bunnies, she likes to lay in the sun and just sort ot take everything in.

Next I would like you to meet Pirate. Pirate's story is similar to Lilyfer's. She wandered onto my porch when she was a few months old, and the neighbor I shared a duplex with began to feed her but couldn't bring her into her home, due to the pets she already had. My daughter, who was two at the time, looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and asked if we could keep her. That was almost ten years ago. Pirate is a calico, very shy, not very social, but when she wants affection, boy does she want affection. she tandem mouses with Thor, and at one point was the best mouser in the house. Now she likes to nap in sunbeams, but she still chases Thor around a couple times a day, as if to remind him that the old lady can still pounce him and give him his bath. 

Speaking of Thor, here he is. As mentioned above, he is the sibling of Sweetie Pie and Wisdom, which makes him six years old. He's also the one who falls asleep on my shoulder, purrs in my ear, sits on my keyboard, and steals my pillow each night. Our top mouser, he is also our biggest ham. It absolutely doesn't matter what you are doing he must come investigate and poke in a nose or a paw. This big guy has helped chase more plot bunnies and listened to more cussing and crying over pages than all the other living beings in the house combined.

Last, but certainly not least is Wisdom. Like his sister he's gray and black stripped, with some hints of orange. All three of them came to live with us at about six weeks of age when they were big enough to leave their mama. Of all of our cats he's the most like a person, from the way he sits to his attitude, you'd swear he was 'The Godfather' or something. He loves laps, plops himself down into everyone's, and is the biggest food thief you'll ever have to guard your vittles from.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my furry friends. At least now there are some faces to go with the antics I describe. 

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