Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hazy Purple Shadows (A Poem)

Poetry was my first love, when it comes to writing, I still write quite a bit of poetry each year and thought it would be fun to share one here from time to time.

Hazy Purple Shadows

Maybe we never intended to get lost
The jangled screams in our minds
Blinding us to reason
Ripping past caution
Punching holes in the mind
In the soil
Lights fade as darkness claims
We roll in hazy purple shadows
Clawing at the thick wisps
Shaking as we climb
Turmoil rolls, questions
Rapid fire dance through battered minds
Hope sinks in silent oceans of cerulean sludge
As we trudge, knee deep
Through forests of longing and lost inspirations
Words drip ash from chapped lips
Mangled meanings lost in howling winds
We are the night that dances nomadic
Frantic waltzes before dying fires
The glimmer of dreams and superstitions
Turned on their ears
Torn apart
Broken to shreds on jagged rocks in radioactive oceans
Plucked from the sands where we’ve wasted
Defined by ancient, dusty names and psycho babble
Are seams held by ducktape and glue
Reality wanting to be put back together again
He wasn’t pushed you know
He jumped

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